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for you, your staff, and those who depend on you. A “not so” common sense security training and consulting for small business in the Bemidji area.

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Specialized Security Services

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Don't be scared, Be prepared!

Hard Target Inc. was created to offer security training and consulting for employees, staff, or volunteers of small businesses, schools, churches, assisted living homes, etc. Our goal is to offer training and consulting for people who want to know what to do in a conflict situation. Our training agenda will teach you and your employees to recognize a threat, or potential threat, and how to react accordingly given company policies and constraints.

Hard Target Inc. recognizes that it is impossible to stop all threats and actions of some, but being able to react in an appropriate and timely manner will de-escalate most situations before it gets out of control. We will give small businesses the tools and training to keep their staff, employees, and dependents safe until help arrives.