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Kelly Johnson

Law Enforcement Experiences

I am currently a Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant assigned to the Office of Pupil Transportation and Safety. I have been with the MN State Patrol since 2005. I worked as a Trooper in the Brainerd district out of Cass and Hubbard counties in north central MN for my first ten years with the State Patrol. Prior to the State Patrol, I was a St. Louis County Sheriff’s Deputy for 4 years starting in 2001.

Pertinent trainings include:

MILITARY Experiences

I am currently a Colonel in the Army Reserves serving as a future plans officer (G5) in the 76th Operational Response Command out of Salt Lake City, UT. Prior to the Army Reserves, I was in the MN Army National Guard (Red Bulls) for over 21 years where I received the majority of my training in physical security and safety-related training.

Pertinent trainings include:

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