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Specialized Security Services

Protective Agents

Security for your commercial property, private venues, events or gatherings.

Hard Target Security of Bemidji provides licensed Protective Agents (often off-duty or retired law enforcement officers) for your company and other venues such as Neighborhood Patrols, Commercial Property Security, Private Residential Security, Workplace Security, Home or Cabin Monitoring,  Weddings,  Business or Personal Gatherings, Private Parties, etc.

At an affordable price, we offer experienced unarmed protective agents with training in the most up-to-date techniques and training. Contact us for prices and further details.

Some local venues and events we have been hired for include:


We train "non-law enforcement" people how to handle conflict situations.

Hard Target’s TRAINING was created to address the need for “non-law enforcement” people that want instruction and training in handling a conflict situation. Our training agenda will teach you and your employees to recognize a threat, or potential threat, and how to react accordingly – within your company’s policies and constraints.

Hard Target Inc. recognizes that it is impossible to stop all threats and actions of some, however, being able to react in an appropriate and timely manner will de-escalate most situations before it gets out of control or makes a turn for the worse. We will give small businesses the tools and training to react to a variety of threats including:


We assist the "decision makers" of your business on how to harden your security.

Hard Target’s CONSULTING will assist the “decision makers” of your business on how to harden your business’s security posture. We will give you ideas and training for any budget and on a variety of options including:

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